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The lab is oriented in the area of applied nanotechnology, especially targeted drug delivery nanosystems and colloidal nanocarriers for therapeutic purposes. It is a participant in many international, european and national research programs. Herein, you will find the research work of our lab, including articles in peer-reviewed journals, chapter in books, as well as academic research programs and programs in collaboration with the industry. Our lab is also a member of several journal editorial boards and in constant communication with the regulatory authorities. With over 200 scientific articles, reviews and book chapters on the field of nanocarriers, our lab has always been on the frontier of drug delivery and other applications of nanotechnology in health sciences.


Our main research interests include:


Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology

Design and Preparation of Advanced Drug Delivery Nanosystems (aDDnSs)
Physicochemical and Thermodynamic Evaluation of Nanosystems
Drug Molecule Icorporation/Encapsulation and Release Studies


Biophysics and Thermodynamics of Membranes

Design of Artificial Biomimetic Membranes and Study of their Hierarchical Self-assembly
Utilization of Refined Methods for the Evaluation of their Biophysical and Thermodynamic Profile
Evaluation of the Effect of Metastable Phases in Drug Delivery Nanosystems


Physical Pharmacy

Physical Stability of Pharmaceutical Formulations
Effect of Biomaterial Combination in Final Properties and Stability of Systems


Nanoparticle Surface Morphology

Interpretation of Membrane Morphology through Biomaterial Nature
Correlation of Membrane Morphology with Biophysics and Biological Effectiveness


Nanotoxicity Studies

Correlation of Nanoparticle Toxicity with their Nanostructure Characteristics


Nanosimilars and Nanosimilarity Studies

Comparison of Nanosimilars through Fractals, Biophysics and Thermodynamics


**For more information on Nanosimilars and contribution to EMA guidlines, click here**


Research Programs

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Peer-reviewed Articles

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Book Chapters

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Editorial Board

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Regulatory Proposals

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